Sunday, April 1, 2012

A is for Astrology

In the sphere of the heavens we are all stars!

What were the ancient peoples thinking when they looked up to the night sky? 
With no light pollution to obstruct their view of such a perfect vista,
they must have been in awe.

  I am in awe. 

I know you have seen them lately- 
all lined up in a row in the sky:

(Photo from an awesome science journal.)

Jupiter is the big guy. Venus is the tinier. Chilling out with sister Moon!

The night of the 15th of March, I received no less than 6 calls/texts telling me to go outside and look up. 
But I already was outside, looking up!

In astro terms, we call this planetary aspect a conjunction- when the planets line up close to one another, 0°-8° degrees apart.
Two weeks ago, they were aligned in exact degree, today they are about 14° apart,
yet still visible as a duo.

What conjunction means in is that the planets are strongly influencing one another. After all, the planets are merely magnets in the galaxy, attracting and repelling one another.
Conjunction is a power position! These two give one another an extra boost of energy. 

Jupiter wants us to expand, explore and improve our lives and the greater good using confident idealism and generosity.
Venus wants us to attract, appreciate and value the physical attributes of this world using beauty and Love.
And the two are in the sign of Taurus, the grounded, productive bull of patience, resources and practicality using manifestation with ease and grace.

Perhaps you were drawn to reading about Buddhist philosophy or feng shui lately, and are planing to set up an altar or rock garden in your yard. 
That would be the kind of influence these gorgeous glowing orbs could have on us.

So regardless of whether you subscribe to Astrology like I do- 
or not, 
finding beauty and meaning is always wonderful! 

I ask you to join me tonight in looking up at the heavens in appreciation of the divine map of stars and glowing planets that connect us through time, geography, and culture-
reminding us all how close to one another we truly are!


  1. Here in L.A. I don't see too much in the night sky above my house except for planes on their way to the airport. Back in the days before TV and electric lights I can understand how people would spend a lot of time looking at the stars. We probably need to do that now and then ourselves.
    Nice way to start the alphabet.

    Places I Remember
    Wrote By Rote
    An A to Z Co-host blog

  2. Oh gorgeous! Thank you for sharing this. I will remember to look up at the stars and planets tonight. I really feel that not enough people take the time to stop and do this.

  3. This is fantastic! I love astrology and learning more. This post really made me we are so much like the planets. :-) Have a great day and thanks for stopping by! Looking forward to reading your posts!

  4. Me and my mum were wondering why the star we saw in the sky the other night was so bright, we didn't know it was because it's a planet! Great post, I've always wanted to learn more about astrology, I think it's interesting :)

  5. Very nice post Violet! My grandfather LOVED looking up at the stars when I was growing up and would tell me all about them. I haven't done that much in years and really should more often. Thanks for the reminder and bring up such nice memories for me :)

  6. Ohhhh.. I love this post. I learned new things: I have wondered about those bright orbs in the night sky. "What planets are those?" I have asked and no one has known.

    Now, I know! Thank you so much... I will be back... want to remember the wisdom you shared.

    Don't you love the wonder of the AtoZchallenge posts?

    Julie Jordan Scott
    twitter - @juliejordanscot
    A is for Adelaide

  7. Awe is certainly the right reaction to His work!

  8. I'm a personal assistant for a boy who is fascinated by astrology. He is a Pisces whose says his Moon sign is Aries. What neat conversations we have. I, by the way, am a Cancer (hey, that sounds weird). But, if you take the new Zodiac (which includes a new sign-Sheldon?) into account, I'm a Leo. And I ain't lion.
    Ooh, sorry about that one.

  9. Thanks everyone for reading and commenting today! I love astrology, and have for decades now. Although I am not a professional astrologer by any means, I use it as a guide [like a recipe] for when I Analyze [it's the Virgo "I" statement] trying or serendipitous times. Combined with intuition, knowing the self and good old fashioned wisdom, astrology is an amazing tool, used for centuries all over the world!

    Planets are the energies at play in our lives. [Expansion, education, partnership, etc]
    Signs are the way they play out in our lives. [in health, in philanthropy, in dreamscapes]
    Houses are the areas of our lives they play out in. [at home, at work, with family]

    HAPPY Stargazing!


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