Monday, April 9, 2012

H is for Health -VS- Happiness

 Sunny Sunflower, Oh So Happy! 

Many of us understand that health is a wholistic term. We are not just our bodies, but have a body with a mind, a spirit and emotions. The four elements are at play. Our Body reflects the Earth, the materialization of matter fusing with intent. Our Mind reflects the Air, the mental/intellectual component of ourselves. Our Spirit reflects the Fire which animates and activates us into forward motion, fueling our primal drive and connecting us to all living beings. Our Emotions reflects the Water which flows into the cracks between the other elements, fusing them together with feelings.

Being healthy can be so subjective, depending on who you ask. Ask a M.D. If you are healthy, and you may get a different answer than a psychotherapist would tell you, and yet an even more different reply than a shaman may give. But it is truly only your-Self who can dictate your states of your actual health.

 Playing Scrabble makes my brain happy & healthy! 

When I feel off, I ask myself one or more of these questions:
How is my body functioning, are all my organ systems operating properly? What is the state of my mind, am I thinking clearly and understanding the analytical processing in my brain? Where do I sense I am spiritually, am I grounded and centered, aware of my soul's purpose, sensing the vibrational connections outside myself as well as within? When I survey my emotive field, am I open in my heart, operating from a place of Love, or am I reacting to situations and people in my life out of Fear?
Then depending on my reactions, I go deeper for the reasons how, why or why not.

I love analysis, especially related to my health and healing.

Some folks think we need to be happy in order to actually be healthy. I disagree. Yes, happiness is a great feeling, but it cannot remain a constant 100% of the time. Life is so filled with ups and downs, full of joys and disappointments, yet none validate or dismiss the others. Such it is with happiness and health. Our bodies can be functioning in tip-top order, yet our heart may be broken. Our emotions could be clearly focused and positive, yet our bodies can be quite unwell. All elements of health depends on the individual and their intentions.

Operating patiently from an open heart, with gratitude, has made my life smoother and less pain-full, when I am in that space. I am not there each and every moment of my waking or even my sleeping hours.
I am not perfect, nor do I wish to be.
(Releasing the need to strive for {the all-impossible} perfection has freed me up to BE happier though.)

 Enjoying time with loved ones makes my heart very happy! 

There is no ideal model for ultimate health for us all.
Being Healthy is so specific and unique, like us, that regularly taking the time to survey your health inside and out, is a good idea for anyone.
You may even find that you are doing better than and are healthier than you thought.
Which may make you happy!

Be you healthy, happy or not,
the best healer of all is Love.
Love yourSelf.
Love others.
Love Life.
Be Love.

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