Tuesday, April 3, 2012

D is for Divination

divination |ˌdivəˈnā sh ən|
the practice of seeking knowledge of the future or the unknown by supernatural means.
divinatory |diˈvinəˌtôrē| adjective
ORIGIN late Middle English : from Latin divinatio(n-), from divinare ‘predict’ (see divine 2 ).

I am no stranger to divination. One could say it is in my ancient, earthy blood. I employ divination regularly, in a myriad of ways and for different reasons. 
From dowsing rods to pendulums, tarot cards to tea leaves - and beyond, I have used divination since I can remember.

When I look at “Divination” the word DIVINE stands out. Regardless of whether the online dictionary sites “Divine” as a root word or not, I know it is. To practice the art of divination, one must be in touch with the divine. At least that is how I approach it. As a vessel for the spiritual energy which animates us all, I feel drawn to tools of expressing that holy language. Divination is a means of sharing information.

Dowsing rods can be used to find water or gold. Both are equally precious.
Palmistry can be used to analyze longevity and health or love and marriage.
Tarot can tell the querent their past, present &/or future.
Crystal ball reading, candle/sun/moon/star/planet gazing, throwing dice or bones, scrying in a mirror or a water pool-

My Heart line indicates my having a myriad of deep loves, my head line breaks, indicating a split in education and intellectual endeavors- and my life line runs off the side of my palm. 
Perhaps I will live beyond my human years!?!?

No matter what the tool of intention/expectation related to the outcome, divination has been a solid basis of my expressed spirituality. I love using divination in my own life and the lives of others. It is as if I have been chosen to represent the voice of something bigger than myself*.
I feel like a school class president or travel agent to the heavens!
Lucky me!!!

Now I have met many folks who are either afraid of divination (because of religious/dogmatic beliefs and teachings- or otherwise,) insisting that it is a dark art or of “the devil.” I have met other people who snidely intellectually eschew divination as a silly parlor trick. 
That's fine. I do my thing, they do their thing. 
No harm, no foul. 
What do “they” say???
Live and let live.
Okay then.

Once I hit puberty, I relied on divination for guidance and grounding- regardless of any external ideas or influences. At the start of high school, I received a deck of Rider-Waite tarot cards and off I went! (I had used other tools of divination prior to that time period.) The deck was given to me by a friend who found them “creepy” and wanted them out of his possession. I was all too glad to give them a new home. I looked through the cards and read for him on the spot. Using intuition and past-life rememberings, I was able to click with the cards and we became instant friends! To this day, I can use that specific deck to read for anyone. Hence, tarot is my favorite tool of divination.

I pulled "The Vagabond" card for us tonight- 
from the Ship of Fools tarot by Brian Williams.

The Vagabond is also known as "The FOOL" card in traditional tarot, as Aries, as new projects/endeavors/ideas/experiences and more! Do not hesitate too long, but do not leap before you look!!! Notice how the figure is gazing behind, yet his dog yaps and nips at his clothing in warning to let him know he may just fall off a cliff! 

BE Fearless Yet MINDFUL!!!

We can all be or become instruments or voices of the divine. Perhaps you “read” the wind or animal songs. Maybe you too- are of gypsy descent and read coffee grinds, like your gran did... Have a set of familial “superstitions” that you don't think about, yet you observe them often without contemplation... OR
you find yourself drawn to these soulful arts and want to explore them more.

Follow that intuitive sense and seek the crevasses and untraveled paths- where it takes you.
I ensure you it will be worth the investigation.
Every time.

You cannot lose to learn more about YOU,
to learn more about LIFE,
to learn more about {your} SOUL.


~ I do readings for people, both planned and spontaneous! Using tools or purely intuitive/psychic, etc- I tap into whatever messages are for the person I am working with. 
Soo cool as a gift to me as well as the receiver!!!!


  1. As someone who use to read palms/Tarots/spirit writing, I found this post a delight.

    I no longer do them as often as I'd like to but I always used to gain a sense of well-being after reading for others.

    Keep em coming Miss Violet.

    1. I want to know about your experiences with spirit writing. Makes me think of the movie "the Others" with Nicole Kidman. LOVE that movie!!!!

  2. Pretty cool stuff!
    Sadly, I think my card would be "The Fool."
    Better than that Death one, though.

    1. AL!
      The Fool is so much like the Death card... both are reminiscent of new beginnings. It is just that the Fool does not always know better than to jump into an entirely uncharted land, and Death is about necessary transformation, often bringing a refreshing, welcomed change. Death card is one of my favorites to get.
      SO... you never know. Secrets on the cards may surprise you!!!


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