Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Vernal Equinox and the Darkening of the Moon

Happy Passages Evolving Revolutionaries! 

Spring is upon us just as the Sun moved into Aries in perfect conjunction with the darkening of the Moon.

With lunar, solar and seasonal phases evolving simultaneously we cannot help feeling a surge of great power. Power to transform by turning within and experiencing the buzzing vibrancy of growth resulting from the seeds of change which we planted for and inside of ourselves many moons ago. 

What desires did you wish to fulfill last Autumn? Did you want to change careers? Did you plan a belief-altering vacation? Perhaps you conceived or birthed a baby? Did you wish for a new push in a more self-affirming direction? How do those wishes feel to you now? I bet you are seeing the in fruition, or at least budding, no?

Spring is in the air, and it is of no coincidence that this time of year sparks a little pep in many a'foot. Seeing the colorful flowers and plants as they start their sprouting and blooming cycle while hearing the animals jabber away chipperly is hard not to smile at. Even in a city, life is making good on it's promises of renewal. No wonder I feel so hopeful... I am also a sucker for seeing chubby robin red-breasts hopping gingerly across the street, which I have witnessed oodles of. 

As today brought the Sun out of watery Pisces, [i.e.: dreamy, intuitive, social, compassionate, "I Sense" - ruled by Neptune] and into firey Aries [i.e.: action, initiation, drive, force, "I AM"- ruled by Mars] did you find yourself feeling a little boost of confidence, willingness to let go, or even in a more playful, carefree mood? I did, in spite of the seemingly negative occurrences beyond my control which reared their groggy heads today. I literally feel lighter, as if a link in my chain broke, the chain which holds me to limitations based in the past. I know I can step beyond that chain.
Hmmm... nice!

Don't get me wrong, I adore Sun in Pisces time of the year, as it gifts me a space to reconnect with any mystical elements I wish to strengthen within myself. Piscean energy is soulful and very deep, like unchartered waters, many leagues deep down under the surface. Going within, embracing our dark periphery or shadow side is necessary for endurance and growth. Just ask a bear. Epic tales of Father Neptune with his trident have been told about the unknown seas and many more will been written based on theories about under-water civilizations. 
I love that with Pisces, what you see is not always what you get. 

Then straight forward, head-first blasting into Aries!!! 
Q: Do the flowers ask permission to bloom? Neither does Aries. 
Aries asks nothing, it just IS. 
Sunny, daring, bold Aries does not hold back. Aries is the un-numbered first in the deck- tarot card- often called the vagabond, more known as: the Fool. Forever leaping, rarely looking. We could all use that type of zest sometimes... I know I can! 

Aries encourages us to be courageous and even a bit impulsive. 

How does this tie into the Moon?

The Moon reflects the Sun. If the Sun is the beacon of our core selves, the Moon is the receptive receiver. If the Sun is the assertion of character and intent, the Moon is where the emotive rhythm generates. 

To those who think they are not effected by the basic Sun or Moon astrological concepts, 
I say: 
Think what you will. 
But the effects of these huge magnetic forces cannot be overpowered by our mere mortal minds

When the moon is in Pisces as it is now, many dream prophetically. Perhaps they are even sleepier than usual, or more restless and cannot sleep. 
It can be an intense night with a Pisces Moon hovering in the sky. 
Tomorrow, she will be completely Dark, in Aries. 
[Moon and Sun are in the same sign when she is dark, and in opposing signs when she is full.] 

New Moon, Full Moon, ra ra ra! 

What happens when your cup is empty? You fill it up. But like any vessel, over-fill it, and it's contents spill out. Such is with the phases of the Moon. During Dark (or New) Moon phase, it is a good time to fill'er up- plan or initiate a new project, diet, job, etc. Perfect for Aries! 
During Full Moon phase, it is a good time to release the overflow, the un-needed un-wanted or out-dated habits and beliefs (or clean the closet and donate those dust-collectors!) 

So I invite you to join me in welcoming the Spring, as do the enterprising Aries' Sun and Moon encouraging you to start anew! 

BE exactly as you dreamed to see yourself.
For you are the reflection you project!!!

The above is the Astrological chart for this exact moment, at the exact longitude and latitude where I am typing this from. 
Looks like a boat. Come and sail away with me on the bubbling blue seas!

Happy Equinox ALL!!!

In the time since I began typing this, the Moon has moved an entire degree. 
Traveling at 13.2° a day, she's a quick mover!  

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