Wednesday, April 25, 2012

T is for Tarot

 "Oh no, NOT The Happy Squirrel!" 

It's no secret that I adore tarot. 

 VERY awesome Secret Tarot deck by Lo Scarebo 

I collect decks of tarot as tools of divination as well as works of art. 
In my possession, I have dozens of decks. Some I read from, some I do not. 
A select few are reserved for my use only, and I use a very small handful of decks for my readings for others. Through the years, I have traded decks, gifted them to others, and even lost a few along the years. 
I figure that they are in their perfect homes now.

 Not my exact collection- but you get the idea... 

Since I took up reading the cards, I have frequently been asked to read for people. I even did some public reading events at psychic fairs. It was many many moons ago when I worked at those events and I wasn't too into it back then. I felt pressured and required to read for folks who I did not jibe with.

 From the groovy 1978 Secret Dakini Oracle Deck 

I know better now as I hand-select my querants and feel comfortable declining a reading at will. I do not hold back as per why either. It often is the girlfriend/boyfriend or wife/husband who insists that their mate get a reading with me.
Come on, if they wanted a reading, they would ask themselves.
So- no thanks.

 a classic Rider-Waite card 

When I was around 10 or 20 years old, I was at a party where I met another young woman who read tarot for her work!
She was completely aloof, overly confident and overtly stunning to look at.
I saw her read some seemingly ornate tarot spreads for people without contemplation, as if she were a robot. Folks literally sat in awe, huddled around her feet as she read the cards.
I looked on and was simultaneously curious and repulsed by these exchanges.

 From the Aquarian Tarot 

I asked her a question about for how long she was a reader and where she picked up this skill. Not answering, or even pretending she had ears, she rolled her giant eyeballs in a circle and turned her now less than pretty head away from my direction as she forcefully exhaled her cliche'd plume of clove cigarette smoke.
Okay then.

 From the campy Housewives deck 

At first, I was impressed when I saw her instantaneously read the cards for people. Personally, I spent much longer reading them and interpreting their meanings. I wondered if I wasn't as skilled a reader, like we all believed she was.
Silly me.
As if speed validates the skill of any reader.

 Barbara G. Walker knows her stuff!  
 Check her deck out!!! 

Fast forward what seems like eons-
I do not suffer the insecurity of reading for anyone- with use of any divination tool or without. I derive much joy and a deep sense of connection to my fellow souls when I read for them.

 Cosmic Tarot card 

When I read tarot for myself, I especially feel connected to all those who have read or created decks of tarot before me. I love the cryptic images & the obvious images.
Each card is a gift, a lesson, a symbol of truth.

 Daughters of the Moon's version of The Fool card 

Any Tarot-Related Questions? 
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  1. Wow! I hadn't seen many of the cards you show in here! When I was younger I used to read Tarot. More than once I was told I was very accurate and I had somewhat of a following, but then very strange things began to happen to me. Soon I got involved with the wrong kind of people and things turned ugly. Since then, I don't read cards anymore. I have only two decks, the Rider-Waite and the Thoth. I adore the art of the second one and I play with them occasionally, but never as divination tools anymore.

    I love the Barbara G. Walker deck! I'll look for it. Thanks for sharing your awesome story.

    From Diary of a Writer in Progress

  2. Gina,
    It always comes to me as a surprise when people say they have one or two decks including Thoth... seems to me like buying a 200mph sports-car for your first vehicle! I too love the imagery of that deck, but it's not the go-to deck I use daily... yet I know a handful of readers who use it implicitly. Have fun with the decks and reading! V

  3. This was fascinating! I first learned about Tarot cards from-don't laugh-that show from the 60s, Dark Shadows (not the Johnny Depp movie). I always thought it would be very interesting to have a reading. Although, I think I would be the "Fool" card.

    1. LOVE Dark Shadows... the old show~
      And a reading may be interesting indeed!

      AL- you may indeed be The Fool... or the Happy Squirrel...

  4. I remember getting a reading at a psychic fair and was so appalled by the general or lack of information given, that I just blurted out, 'damn, if I'd known you were going to be this rubbish, I'd have done my own reading.'
    Disrespectful I know but I hate charlatans.

    I've only just become comfortable with refusing to do readings for some people, especially those that go completely against the cards, then come back a few weeks later, only to then ignore the info the card provides yet again.

    I don't think people realize the energy it takes to do a reading and that after a few, it can be quite exhausting. Some look at it like a great party trick and expect you to dole out words of wisdom at the drop of a hat but as you know, it's never that easy or simple.

    1. Disrespect nothing... of course your reading would have been way better...

      it can be draining to read for anyone who is a needy soul, sucking everyone dry of their energy. best to try and avoid them at all costs. easier said than done.


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