Monday, April 2, 2012

B is for Be-ing

We live in such a fast-paced culture, it can be difficult to stop doing things. After all, the laundry will not wash itself, the cat will not shop for her own food and the paycheck does not come in without our showing up for work.

But aside from obligations related to survival, what do we really have to DO?

Fletcher knows

Would the planet stop spinning on it's axis if we didn't return a few phone calls? Would the sky cave in if we didn't buy new shoes before the sale was over? Would we stop being loved if we didn't show up to the “happy hour” as our friends wanted us to?

I doubt it.

So, why do we feel so utterly compelled to be involved in so many activities which separate us from our duty of Be-ing? Even a vacation is an excursion with planned relaxation itinerary. Couples have to schedule “date nights” because the spontaneity has escaped their intimate bedrooms.
DO do Do. GO go Go.


If we tossed out the window:
our past habits, traditions, shoulds and expectations-
what would we have?

Just Be-ing.

Breathing, living, experiencing.

I pose these questions because I am a Do-er.

Even when I am sitting down, supposedly relaxing, my head is racing with thoughts about what I expect myself to be actively doing. Followed by pangs of guilt for not doing them. The cat and mouse game of shoulds and guilt are futile. They are based in a dualistic reality based on reward and punishment where we are the judges and jury. And we are always on trial.
It is Kafka-esque futile now that I think of it.
It is crazy-making at it's finest.

I am changing one outdated belief structure and useless re/action at a time.

I have started this blog recently in leu of my gentler experiences Be-ing.
Focusing on being present, coming back to my breath, meditating/mantras and being kind to myself [and others] are not new ideas to me, although they have not been consistently implemented in my life since I first met them many moons ago.
They were foster children until recently.
I decided to adopt them permanently.

Transitioning from a harsh to a clement reality is not “Voila!” an overnight change. It is riddled with many moments of frustrated patience, grumbling acceptance and self-forgiveness, for none of us are perfect! 
Isn't that perfect?

I could make lists of what I didn't DO today that I thought I would.
I could make a list of my accomplishments thus far, things I actually did accomplish.
But those lists only set me up for the either/or dynamic that feels icky.

Perhaps making a quick list of things I appreciate which I beam Love to would be a healthier, gentler idea.

Kitty snuggled up by my side.
Dear friends whom I adore.
Healthy foods to eat.
Great books.

Remember- ALL you NEED to DO is Breathe and BE!


  1. Great post, sometimes life can be overwhelming and it's nice to be reminded that we can actually stop and relax sometimes! :)

  2. Loopy,
    It seems as if we all spin out wheel time to time, but the added stresses of extraneous worry and "must-do" stuff just lops years off our life... years we could be enjoying the sunshine, our loved ones or hobbies we enjoy.


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