Monday, April 23, 2012

S is for Silliness

Being a huge fan of laughter and humor in general, I love silliness.
Wit and brainy amusement have their place, as do slapstick and punny revelry. But on any given day, after a long day at work or in thought, I enjoy winding down with some silly shows that give me the giggles.

 You do not need to be in the company of other people to laugh aloud! 

Laughter is perfect at almost any time. It exercises the muscles and organs withing the abdominal area, releases endorphins and dopamine into the system, helps you relax while relieving stress and feels great. The Japanese even invented at-work laughter clinics! In the USA, there are hospitals and medical schools promoting and encouraging laughter as medicine to complement traditional allopathic therapies. How fabulous!

Here is a short list of what silly shows currently make me guffaw and snort and chuckle till I have tears actually running down my face:

30 Rock {chock full-o-priceless characters- I Love them all}

Eastbound And Down {like a toilet you can quote}

Louie {acerbic yet palpable}

And the micro-sized silly movie list, those which never fail me, no matter how cruddy a day I may have had:

The Big Lebowski {existential hero story}

Trading Places {feel good tale of reversal}

Blades of Glory {improbable drivel/amazing crap...priceless}
 Why not counterbalance the stresses of life with a laugh or two? 

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