Tuesday, April 17, 2012

O is for Origins

Where did you come from?
How do you identify yourself?
What is your ideal vision of how you wish to be perceived?

Our past does not define us, yet it influences us all.

When I think about my origins, a few points immediately come to mind. Firstly, I think of my upbringing and my child-life experiences, I think about that which was related to my socioeconomic identity, my family and my peers. I also think about my heritage, both my family tree whose branches were tangible and the lengthy off-shoots beyond my reach. And lastly, and most importantly, I believe, I think about my spiritual life, my karmic history and past lives.

 One Soul, Many Bodies 

I am one of those people who believes that the immeasurable part of us recycles into the primordial soup and back again. Call it reincarnation or whatever, I have my own theory about it. This is not that post though, sorry.

Remembering past incarnations as a healer, a midwife, a shaman, a guide, I find much of what seems natural to me in this lifetime to be perhaps related to living other lifetimes. Hence, origins.

It is where my soul came from that really matters.

I can eschew the admonitions of others related to my past, both in this body or another, but it really doesn't matter what anyone thinks, as long as what I believe feels right.
I know who I am, I know where I came from.
AND I know where I belong.

When I think about my origins of life in this time, it feels pretty uncomfortable.
Yet when I think about my life in other times, I get a sense of strength and purpose which supports what I am creating in the now.
In the presence of experiencing my true purpose paralleling with karmic memories, I experience a sense of validating freedom and enlightening of my spirit. It is when I feel this way that I know I am on the right path.

It is also easier to let go of the belief structures based on and tied to the origins of my upbringing when I take a soul-full life-time into consideration.

Suddenly, twenty or so years means very little.

I meet and will continue to meet people I knew from past lives. We will continue to grow together.
 Hello again. 
Lovers and friends often travel with us over and over, as do family members. Crazy to think that my mother could have been my brother a hundred years ago, and we could be playing out a past drama which was unresolved back then, in this timeline.


Expanding the view of existence one moment at a time.
One lifetime at a time.


  1. Of course I will show you Love... while I point out that my belief system is vastly different from yours. My belief is in He who made us all, the God who is father of Jesus Christ and creator of the universe. I am one of those people who are called Christians, and so very thankful to be so. You write a very interesting post. Regards to you. Ruby aka Grammy

  2. Thanks Grammy! There is enough LOVE for us ALL! Blessings to you! Violet


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