Saturday, April 7, 2012

G is for Godzilla

It was a perfectly gorgeous sunny summer day and I was lounging by the pool at my friend's house as I did every Tuesday. I would paint my nails, we would read tarot for one another and spend the day relaxing and laughing as we sunned ourselves and chewed the fat. Like good friends do, we shared our deepest thoughts and feelings openly and frankly.

I do not remember what it was that we were talking about, but I do remember lowering my voice as I shared this deeply serious bit of information about my particular circumstance at the time. I remember having tears in my eyes as I sipped my Mojito and rolled my Yahtzee turn. I was pretty broken up about something. I tend to hold onto painful stuff and stew in it. (Working on that currently!)

And then he said it:
“Let go and let god...”

I replied.

To which we exploded in laughter over for quite a stretch of time.

B and I are like brother and sister. We share a sincere nature appreciation and both have green thumbs, we parallel in our pagan sentiments, have intense passion for cooking and are mega-crafty when we get together.
B is my brother from another mother, and I am his sister from a different mister.

So when he told me to let go and let god, it was tongue-in-cheek to the nth degree. Comic irony at it's best. I love him for his humor.

 Godzilla loves to dance. 

When the giggles settled down, after we had told one another to let go and let Godzilla like a hundred times, without spitting out our bevies through our nostrils, I got to thinking about how much I love my new statement.

Apparently, I was holding onto something I could not control. Whatever the greased pig in my life was at the time, I needed to let go of it- badly! I decided that I would adopt Godzilla to represent my higher power, my Universal all-knower, my Zeus, my Allah, my Buddha, my flying spaghetti monster, etc.

Godzilla would be my go-to guy!

After all, Godzilla is pretty omnipotent in his movies, and he reacts to the way people mess with the Earth due to human ignorance with rage and destruction. He can crush cities or grant them mercy. He can fight other titan-like creatures without fear whatsoever. I liked Godzilla as an icon of dharma more and more as I thought about it.

After I left B's house, I went to the closest toy store and purchased a plastic Godzilla figure. I drove us home and set him on my nightstand. I told him my problems and concerns as I would do to a person I trusted, whose opinion I respect, as if he could help. Then I sewed him a messenger bag. I wrote out a heart-felt letter [for him to relay to the heavens on my behalf] and folded it up very tiny so it would fit in his bag. Then I went to bed and slept like a log.

I keep Godzilla on a high shelf in my bedroom, so I may see him from any perspective. His toothy grin makes me smile. I love how a silly film character can morph into something that represents something completely different and more evolved than intended.

Go Go Godzilla!


  1. Oh I loved this Violet, a trusted ally to tell your woes too.

    The little message bag, is ingenious. I just write my letters, fold them into an old book and leave on the shelf, hoping that the gods and goddesses find it and work their magic.

    This post seriously made me smile.

    1. Thanks Lily!
      I am not at all surprised that you follow a similar tradition of your own!

  2. I am your newest follower. I love all your interests!

    1. Glad you stopped by then... thank you!

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    1. Hi there Linda! Thanks for reading!

  4. That is full of awesomeness. :-) So great that you have a friend like that and uncontrollable giggles is the best. Very cool what Godzilla morphed into for you. I just might have to adopt this saying...Let go and let godzilla!

    1. Feel free to let go and Let Godzilla... we all can use that, right?


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