Saturday, April 28, 2012

V is for Void


Vacant. Vacuum.

For my youth years, I spent too much time, energy and efforts in attempts to utilize my intelligence. I did not wish to ever be slack-brained. I even judged those who were simple-minded. I felt that a certain level of ignorance was indubitably unforgivable. I believed myself to be somewhat superior than those who seemed empty headed.

Many a sunrises have crested since then, and I am starting to be less and less inclined towards judging those who come across as vacuous. 
I figured that we are all born of the same divine stuff, so who am I to judge? 
More and more, ignorance looks blissful.

After decades of mental chatter and consistent thinking, a rest from my mental gears' spinning sounds perfect.

 I need a brain vacation. 

Setting aside time to meditate or spontaneously using meditation for a grounding and calming tool, has taught me a great appreciation for vacuum-headedness and consciously seeking the void.

Zen Buddhists pay great homage to the Void, believing it to represent the space where creative birthings and the great source of all resides. They paint Enso Circles representing the perfection of the Void.

Serenity and peace are relatives of the void.
And all creative ideas are born of it.

I find the quiet poetry of the Void calming and inspiring in itself, and pass this on to my expressive side...


  1. I think I could use a brain vacation in the void, too!

  2. I am waiting for a long brain vaca!


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