Sunday, August 5, 2012


As I soften the tattered edges of my archaic belief systems, I am blessed with opportunities to open up channels of connecting and healing .
As I open up the channels of re-invented communication, I am blessed with opportunities to experience new and profound love.
As I open up the channels of new and profound love, I am open to regenerative life.

I say yes to life... 
a thousand times: 

It has been an eventful week. In the last week, my world has shifted in leaps and bounds. 
Leaps and Boundaries, actually.

In the true essence of change, I observe and honor the differences between then and now. Harboring differences only keeps us separate from one another. 
This serves no-one.
It is in the realization of how we are alike that we flow in peaceful essence of acceptance of what is. 
What IS.

How often do we operate from a stringent core conviction of what our preconceived notions lead us to conduct our emotions and behaviors from? Are we reactionary and habitual or do we roll with the punches of the unexpected without presumptions?

It has been due to the utmost blessing that I have been presented with revisitations to past truths which are no longer so. The universe has tested me, pop-quiz-style, to weigh my growth and strengths against that which no longer suits me: outdated skepticism born of the sharpest cynical nature, bogged down with resentments and hurts.

Sometimes we love wallowing in human misery. We choose the shadowy world wrought with suffering and stoic self-righteousness.
Perhaps due to familiarity...
 Serving us- how?

But in admittance of imperfection, we rise and move beyond this phase- hopefully. And when we do, we experience an illumination of the most brilliant sort. Illuminating the truth of who we really are, and with that knowledge, we can forge forward from there. Next step. 

We as humans seek conflict and drama to divert attention from otherwise confusing and disturbing sensations within our mental and emotional worlds. Often it shows up as conflict in personal relationships and utter disappointments. Rather than admit the sublime hurts we experience, we act out. Usually, like less than our highest selves.

But what if you let down the wall of convicted egotistical stoicism?

Your world opens up.
The Universe says Yes to you if you say YES to the Universe's lessons and tests.

Would you rather trade one pain for another, if the new discomfort brought you bliss in the end? Or would you choose to cling to the past, in efforts to surround yourself with the familiar smoke and fog?

YOU decide.


  1. jervaise brooke hamster8/20/2012 6:49 AM

    Violet, i want to bugger you ! ! !.

  2. I hope that is a positive thing!!!!

  3. I'm all for eventual bliss. Life is never perfect.

    1. Arlee, it is or expectations of it being perfect that catch us up... for me at least!


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