Monday, March 12, 2012

The Power of Words

As I type this, I am steeping in a bath tinged with sea and epsom salts also sprinkled with eucalyptus oil.

Ginger Lemon Tea- for one

Verdict: I am a warrior on the germy front lines.
Pathogens have shot blazing arrows at the fortress of my immune system. Yowch! 

But it's okay. 
When I feel under the proverbial weather, I see it as a time to gently heed the messages my body is trying to tell me. 

Message received: Mind your Words, Violet.

We all know there is great power in words. Think about how you felt when you were last praised for doing a job well done. You can probably reflect on the exact moment, maybe even picture the exact scenario and conjure up some good feelings about it. Now think about how you felt when you last said something you regret saying. Perhaps you were not kind- to yourself or another. Feels pretty icky, huh? (Don't dwell on that though.)

Words can be healing or damaging, soothing or exciting, loving or violent and everything in between. Being a chatty type, I tend to prattle on ad nauseum. Sometimes I am having a "good" day and I naturally say loving, kind things, generally informative or pontificating things, or make idle chit-chat. On a "bad" day, I can be seething, acidic, judgey and worse- 99% of it to myself

When we make statements like "it IS a beautiful day" more often than not, it IS. We may have a spring in our step, let stuff slide that we may otherwise take personally, and see the positive more easily. Same is true of days we proclaim negative statements. The car at the light cuts you off, the cashier charges you double, you break your favorite mug... you get the picture.

What it comes down to is magnetizing with words which you put out there.
Garbage out, garbage in, as my family elders said.
They didn't know the half of it. 

I have been taking a step back from certain people in my life who use words harshly on a regular basis. It just made me feel bad being around them. Their abrasive ways were rubbing off on me. I noticed my heart rate going up, my muscles tightening, and my desire to run. Whether someone is blaming you for some nasty, unrealistic whatever, or harshly putting themselves down, it is sending out a negative vibration.
Like a boomerang, it always returns. It may come in a different form, but it comes back. 

Saying statements like "I hate this ___(job, town, event, etc.)___" are telling the Universe to send us some hatred back.
Statements like "I am stupid for not knowing ____" or "I will never understand____" only set you out on a CAN'T path. 
Roadblock up! Forget being an obstacle, it is a great wall!

Folks in the know know this is true, so it is obvious sometimes when the "I hate/ I can't" energy knocks at the door. But do we even notice we are doing it? I know I was sometimes noticing, but mostly, I was planning a self-pity party for one. Victim mentality (and pompous pragmatism is another offender, more devious and sneakier than negativity) and subservience to "Murphy's Law" are futile. 

Standing in your power always wins. 

So, I can replace words like always, never, can't and hate.
I shall use: now, sometimes, won't/am not and dislike. Soften the blow a bit. Because if you are a hard-hitter, like I am, the boomerang punch-back is a doozy. Living and speaking with intention is a kinder way to be anyhow.
Only with awareness, patience and practice will the words change. 

What does this have to do with my sore throat? Everything.

The throat chakra, Vishuddha, is where our energetic voice resides. It is the Gemini-ish hub for communication. When we speak too much, perhaps in vain, or too little, as when we do not speak up for ourselves, Vishuddha becomes out of balance. It may be of no surprise, but not of no consequence, that I have not been using my words and communication to serve my highest power. 

Lesson: Quiet down. Listen to the words and hear what is said behind them. Speak only when it is necessary, and do so intelligently, with Love and kindness. Talking can be a giving away of ideas and energy and I have been running on back-up recently. 
I could use the peace and quiet. 

Perfect time to listen... Mercury (the great communicator) went into retrograde today and he will be that way for 3 weeks.  Great time to restart that meditation practice...

{Chakra LINK for more info.}


  1. I was always told by my father, "Never say 'never' and never say 'always'."
    Since I got his point, I didn't remind him that, "Hey, you said to never say 'never.' But, didn't you say 'never' when you said 'never say always'?"
    He also said, "Can't never Can."
    "The frikkin' toilet paper isn't going to put itSELF on the roll, ya know."
    A regular Yoda, my dad.

    1. I Love your Yoda Dad of yours!

    2. Pardon my grammar. Deleting and adding words does have that effect occasionally. Not always, mind you..... and no, the TP does not put itself onto the roll. Like the cat will not vacuum the house, no matter if I try to bribe her with roasted poultry bits or not.

  2. This has inspired me to jump in my hot tub. The blowers don't work, so I'll probably have to fart to get the water moving.
    It's a sure bet that Mrs. Penwasser won't want to join me, though.

    1. In the famous words of Eddie Murphy:

      "Say, when I was growing up, we want a Jacuzzi, we had to fart in the tub."

      AL, Enjoy!


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